Over the years, commalg.org has accumulated some hidden gems — pages and resources that could be interesting and useful, but are squirreled away in a corner. Here’s a place where we’ll collect those resources, so people can find and use them.

  • Feeds: With the move to WordPress, we offer several “feeds” that let you keep up with our content without visiting the site. Learn more here.
  • People: This is an old list of commutative algebraists around the world, which has now been replaced by version 2.0.
  • Survey Articles: This is a huge list of survey articles about topics in commutative algebra and related areas, plus other online treasures like interviews with commutative algebraists and even online books. If you know of a good general-audience survey that’s freely available but not on our list, let us know!
  • Links: Gathered in one place, many links to online resources of interest to commutative algebraists. In addition to software websites and journal home pages, we also point to other community websites, like FDList and the Valuation Theory home page.
  • Photos: From time to time, someone takes some photos at a conference, and we post them here on commalg.org. We also frequently link to photos on other people’s web pages or photo-hosting sites like Flickr.
  • Macaulay2 on Windows: Back in 2002, Amelia Taylor alerted us to Sunsook Noh’s easy installation ZIP file for installing Macaulay2 with the preferred emacs interface on Windows machines. Even though it’s many years old (and contains an outdated version of Macaulay2), it still seems to get a lot of traffic and to help many people, so we keep it around. As of 2015-08-03, this page has been retired.

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