[Seminar series] M2: under the hood

There is a new occasional online seminar series “Macaulay2: under the hood”, exploring mathematical, algorithmic, and software issues behind the Macaulay2 software program.  The goal is for talks to be accessible to a range of backgrounds, and all are welcome. Fill out this form to sign up for the mailing list for this series.

The first talk will take place on zoom here, meeting code 972 6877 8504, with password Macaulay2. The first talk will be on

June 25, 2024 at 8:30 PDT, 10:30 CDT, 11:30 EDT, 16:30 BST, 17:30 CEST.

Here are the details for the first talk:

Speaker: Mike Stillman (Cornell) (M2 developer)


This is the first talk in the “M2: under the hood” series. The idea of this series is to understand Macaulay2 in more depth; in particular, understand how its computations work, in order to be able to more effectively use Macaulay2.

In this first talk, I will first describe the overall structure of the Macaulay2 system (the different parts: interpreter, engine, Core, packages, GitHub repository, git issues, and so on). After that, we will focus on one of the main computations in Macaulay2, computing free resolutions and minimal Betti numbers. We will provide an overview of the algorithm(s) used, the different ways one can call free resolutions, how they differ, and how Macaulay2 caches its results. We will also discuss how to speed up computations (if possible!) and how to deal with inhomogeneous and multi-graded input ideals or modules.

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