What is commalg.org?

We are “the center for commutative algebra” — your resource for news and information of interest to the commutative algebra community. Since 2001, we’ve done our best to keep commutative algebraists informed about upcoming conferences, special announcements, and web resources. We’ve got more planned for the future, so check back often.

What’s on commalg.org?

  • News Postings: items of general interest to the commutative algebra community, for example job openings, new journals, photos from conferences, and other big news.
  • Conference Listings: information about upcoming and recent conferences that focus at least partially on commutative algebra. For a quick overview, see our Conference Calendar.
  • Photos: we often post photos from conferences. It’s nice to be able to match faces to the names.
  • List of Commutative Algebraists: our best attempt at a comprehensive list of webpages and/or contact information for active commutative algebraists. In some cases, it just points to a department faculty listing, which gives the contact information. Currently we are only listing graduate students who are finishing soon or who have research, preprints, or papers on the web. If you are an active commutative algebraist who is not on the list, or if you would like your information changed, please just let us know.
  • Other Links: Institutions that are relevant to the mathematical community in general or to the commalg community in particular. For example, links to certain mathematical journals and some Computer Algebra Systems can be found there.

Who runs this?

Graham Leuschke, Moira McDermott, Branden Stone, and Eloísa Grifo run commalg.org, with the support of the entire community. You can contact us here. Keri Sather-Wagstaff is an emeritus admin.

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