Jürgen Herzog (1941-2024)

We are deeply saddened to share the news that Jürgen Herzog passed away after a sudden heart attack. Winfried Bruns writes: “We have lost an excellent mathematician of admirable inventiveness and productivity until his very last days. He left a deep footprint on our subject.”

Obituary by Winfried Bruns and Aldo Conca

MSRI/SLMath held an event in Herzog’s memory on May 6, 2024, which was recorded.

Below are some testimonials on Herzog’s life and work:

“Beyond his impressive achievements, in the last two decades Jurgen kindly supported many young researchers from different countries by teaching them how to research and how to write papers. In this regard, he shared his fantastic ideas with young researchers and published joint papers. He acted like a scientific father to the young researchers. He supervised several Iranian Ph.D students himself, or, acted as a join advisor. At the same time, he taught them scientific ethics.We know many great Mathematicians but without any doubt he was exceptional in this regards.

We never forget his generosity and encouragement inspired countless individuals.” – Siamak Yassemi

“Jürgen was an exceptional mind, known for his incredible inventiveness and productivity, even in his final days. His contributions to mathematics will be deeply missed and remembered for years to come.

But beyond his impressive achievements, Jürgen was a kind and supportive mentor, particularly to Pakistani researchers. His generosity and encouragement inspired countless individuals, and his legacy will live on through the many lives he touched.” – Imran Anwar

3 thoughts on “Jürgen Herzog (1941-2024)”

  1. It’s truly saddening to hear about the passing of Professor Jürgen Herzog. His numerous trips to my country Iran and his assistance to our countless PhD students will always be remembered. He was indeed a remarkable individual with a profound impact on his field and beyond. Professor Herzog’s groundbreaking research on binomial ideals and his significant contributions to the theory of syzygies have greatly enriched the field of commutative algebra. His passion for mentoring young mathematicians and his dedication to fostering a collaborative research environment have inspired countless scholars around the world. Despite his untimely passing, Professor Herzog’s intellectual legacy will continue to shape the future of mathematics for generations to come.

  2. The first time I met him, I was 10 or 11 years old. His great and kind spirit, distinct from the grand scientific persona he possessed, is always etched in my memory. He was also a paragon of virtue, someone who could serve as a full-fledged role model in terms of ethics. His passing has stolen sleep from my eyes, leaving a void that reflects the profound impact he had on those around him.
    Without a doubt, Jürgen will remain in our memories, cherished by mathematicians and non-mathematicians alike.

  3. Yesterday was his funeral. I’m still trying to understand what happened! It’s hard to believe to see an active man like Jürgen is not alive anymore. He was our father, who took care of all his children.
    As I was throwing the flower inside his grave, I said goodbye to him in behalf of all the people who their hearts were with us in that moment 🙁

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