Daniel Quillen

We have learned that Daniel Quillen passed away recently. The message below was posted to a topology listserve by his widow.

Dear friends and colleagues,
My husband of almost 50 years, Daniel Gray Quillen died quietly and peacefully on Saturday morning around 7 AM, April 30, 2011 at the age of 70. He is finally at rest and no longer suffering. In the last week of his life he was wonderfully cared for by the people of Haven Hospice. My son David, daughter-in-law Amy, daughter Cindy and I were constantly at his side. Dan died from the final stages of Alzheimer’s and the associated complications. We were able to follow his wishes of comfort and not making his suffering last any longer than nature had planned.
Alzheimer’s is truly a terrible disease. It was very hard to watch what it did to Dan over the past 5+ years. It stole the things he loved and took him from me too early. It first took his ability to do mathematics, then ability to play music, read, rational thinking and finally recognition of those he loved (except me, thank goodness).
I have no plans for an organized service. Dan’s body has been donated to medical science, following his clear and long standing wishes. If the mathematics community would like to organize a memorial service or a memorial colloquium we would be very pleased.
Please do not send flowers. I don’t know what I would do with them. If people feel that they would like to do something, I would very much support any assistance to your local hospice or to or Alzheimer’s research.
The work that hospice does in amazing and finding an answer to this awful disease is unbelievably important.
Thank you for all your support and friendship recently and for almost 50 years.
Jean Quillen

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