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Dear Macaulay 2 user,
With funding from the NSA and the NSF, we are organizing a Macaulay 2 workshop, from Sunday, August 8, 2010 through Thursday, August 12, 2010, with Saturday, August 7 and Friday, August 13 serving as the travel days. The workshop will be at Colorado College in Colorado Springs, CO. Activities will start first thing Sunday morning (possibly Saturday night).
The purpose of the workshop is to bring Macaulay 2 developers together with those who would like to share or develop their skills at writing packages for Macaulay 2 and those who are interested in developing the corresponding mathematical algorithms. Sample software projects that might be undertaken are visible at — although this page is rather out of date at this point and we are looking for participants who might have new packages they are interested in. Past workshops topics and activities can be viewed at,, and The new main Macaulay 2 wiki page is at and a project development page is in the process of being built there. Please take a look and consider posting your project on that page.
Attendance at this workshop by invitation only — based on a brief application — and all who are interested are encouraged to apply. Financial support is available for approximately 20-30 people with preference given to younger researchers.
Also, please note that we expect to have such a workshop approximately once per year, so you should look for future announcements as well.
If you would like to attend, please let us know as soon as possible. Everyone interested is strongly encouraged to apply, including graduate students and postdocs. Your application should include
1. information about what algorithms you would like to work on, and what you have done in the past (this is the most important piece — please put some thought into this and be as specific as possible),
2. whether or not you are a citizen or permanent resident of the US (this assists us with budgeting based on where our funding comes from),
3. a good estimate of travel expenses, and whether you would require financial support for housing and meals (when available), and if you will be willing to share a room, (rooms are in limited supply; if additional single rooms are available, and you want one, we may ask you to pay any additional cost). Everyone should include this information in the event that we obtain additional funds.
4. your current institution and rank, and if you are a graduate student, your advisor’s name.
Applications are due by March 1, 2010 and we hope to allocate funds to participants by April 1, 2010.
Our organizer for this workshop is Amelia Taylor. Applications should be directed to Amelia Taylor at
A few other pieces of information you may need:
1. If we pay for your travel, it must be on an American air carrier, if at all possible.
2. Please commit to being present for the entire workshop.
3. You will need to bring your laptop with Macaulay 2 on it to the workshop.
Hirotachi Abo
David Eisenbud
Daniel R. Grayson
Michael E. Stillman
Amelia Taylor

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