Paderborn 2006

R.-O. Buchweitz (Toronto), D. Happel (Chemnitz), H. Krause (Paderborn), D. Kussin (Paderborn), I. Reiten (Trondheim) are organizing a conference Representations of Algebras and their Geometry in honor of Helmut Lenzing, November 10-11, 2006 at Universität Paderborn.

  • R.-O. Buchweitz (Toronto)
  • W.W. Crawley-Boevey (Leeds)
  • J.A. de la Pena (Mexico)
  • L. Hille (Hamburg)
  • M. Prest (Manchester)
  • I. Reiten (Trondheim)
  • O. Schiffmann (Paris)
  • A. Skowronski (Torun)
  • M. van den Bergh (Hasselt)

In addition, a special colloquium will be given on November 10 by C. M. Ringel (Bielefeld).
For more information, consult the conference website.

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