Summer Institute in Algebraic Geometry, Seattle

The American Mathematical Society and the Clay Mathematics Institute plan to sponsor a three week Summer Institute in Algebraic Geometry at the University of Washington, Seattle from July 25 to August 12, 2005. The goals of the Institute are to review the major achievements of the past decade and to look forward to future developments.
The focus will be structured by week:

  • 7/25-7/29 Interactions with physics,
  • 8/1 -8/5 Classical geometry,
  • 8/8 -8/12 Arithmetic geometry.

Plenary lecture series aimed at broad audiences will be scheduled in the morning. More specialized seminar sessions will take place in the afternoon.
The Institute is in the decennial tradition of the conferences in Santa Cruz (1995) and Bowdoin (1985).
For more information, please see the conference web page.

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