New list of commutative algebraists and photos from Trieste

It’s been an active month here at Hot on the heels of our recent retirement of the preprints section, we have redesigned our list of commutative algebraists. The new list is easily searchable and hopefully easier to use. We’ve also made some changes to make the list easier to maintain, and to help cut down on any spam that you might receive because of us. We hope you like it! Please feel free to contact us with any feedback about the new list, including corrections and updates.
We’ve also posted some photographs from the recent conference and summer school in Trieste, Italy. As always, we’d be happy to post any additional photos, and grateful for any corrections or additions. Go see!
update: Thanks to N.V. Trung and J. Herzog, here are many more photos of the Trieste conference. Thanks!
update again: Here are some more photos from L. Robbiano. Thanks, everyone!
update again again: We’ve added some more photos taken at the mini-course at the University of Utah. Thanks Florian!

Retirement of the preprints section and photos from Houston, West Lafayette, and Salt Lake City

Due to the success of the Commutative Algebra (AC) section of the arXiv preprint server, we have decided to retire the preprints section of commalg. We are no longer updating this section and will eliminate it altogether in the not-so-distant future. Check our FAQ for general information on the arXiv and, in particular, for easy instructions for subscribing to email announcements of new articles.
In other news, we have some photos from the joint meeting of the AMS and SMM in Houston, the recent conference at Purdue in honor of Joe Lipman, and the mini-course at the University of Utah. Go see!

Two from the French

A recent article in the Notices lists several new resources for mathematical literature on the web, some of which we’ve added to our links page. Check them out!
For example, NUMDAM (that is, the organization for NUMérisation de Documents Anciens Mathématiques) has placed the entire text of Publications Mathématiques de l’IHÉS (1959-1997) online. In particular, this means that EGA is completely accessible to the entire world in PDF format. The text is even fully searchable! Well done, NUMDAM!
In other French news, we’ve put some photos from Luminy on These were taken during the recent CIRM conference, and show commutative algebraists working and relaxing in one of the most beautiful spots on Earth. Go see!