Algebra and algorithms, Djerba Tunisia

There will be a conference on “Algebra and algorithms” in Djerba, Tunisia, 4-6 February 2020.
Organization Committee: Peter Schuster (Verona University), Ihsen Yengui (University of Sfax)
Motivations: The conference intends to gather people with connected topics of interest that revolve around constructive algebra, logic, computer algebra, and algebraic geometry.
Invited Speakers:

  • Moulay Barkatou (Limoges), Matrices of scalar differential operators: divisibility and spaces of solutions
  • Marco Benini (Insubria), Induction on free structures
  • Ulrich Berger (Swansea), Algorithmic aspects of least and greatest fixed points
  • Thomas Cluzeau (Limoges), Isomorphic finitely presented modules, Constructively
  • M’hammed El Kahoui (Marrakech), The Zariski Cancellation problem and related topics
  • Gregor Kemper (Munich), Dimension and Monomial Orderings
  • Henri Lombardi (Besançon), Sheaves on Spectral Spaces, Constructively
  • Stefan Neuwirth (Besançon), Lorenzen’s noncommutative divisibility theories
  • Iosif Petrakis (Munich), Bishop topological groups
  • Thomas Powell (Darmstadt), Goedel’s functional interpretation in constructive algebra
  • Alban Quadrat (Paris), On computational aspects of stability and stabilizability of multidimensional systems
  • Giuseppe Rosolini (Genova), Groupoids as completing a fibration with identity types

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