San Diego JMM 2018

The 2018 Joint Math Meetings will be held January 10-13 in San Diego, CA ( Here are some links to some events that might be of interest.
update 2 Nov: Craig Huneke of the University of Virginia will be giving one of the talks in the Current Events Bulletin session. His title is “How complicated are polynomials in many variables?”. Here is the abstract:

The title question refers to systems of polynomial equations in many variables over a field. The question can be made precise in many ways, for example, through the complexity of detecting whether a given polynomial can be expressed as a linear combination (with polynomial coefficients) of other polynomials.
Another sense in which the question can be made precise is through comparisons of numerical data about the ideal generated by the polynomial equations, which generalize the numbers of generators and relations. Such additional numerical data was originally introduced in the 1890’s by David Hilbert to count the number of polynomial invariants of the action of a group (this was the work that “killed” invariant theory for a brief time!). In the last two years, three long-standing problems about these numerical invariants have been solved.

AMS Special Session on Combinatorial Commutative Algebra and Polytopes

  • Robert Davis, Michigan State University
  • Liam Solus, KTH Royal Institute of Technology

AMS Special Session on Commutative Algebra in All Characteristics

  • Neil Epstein, George Mason University
  • Karl Schwede, University of Utah
  • Janet Vassilev, University of New Mexico


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