Barcelona: EACA 2014

The “Encuentros de Álgebra Computacional y Aplicaciones, EACA” (Meetings on Computer Algebra and Applications) are organized by the Spanish Red Temática de Cálculo Simbólico, Álgebra Computacional y Aplicaciones to provide a meeting frame for researchers in the fields of Computer Algebra and Symbolic Computation, and for those who use these techniques in their research.

This XIV Meeting (biannual since 2002) is the natural continuation of those organized in Santander (1995), Sevilla (1996), Granada (1997), Sigüenza (1998) , Tenerife (1999), Barcelona (2000) , Ezcaray (2001) , Valladolid (2002), Santander (2004), Sevilla (2006), Granada (2008), Santiago de Compostela (2010), and Alcalá de Henares (2012).

We emphasize and specially favor the participation of young researchers.

EACA 2014 will take place in Barcelona, at the Institut d’Estudis Catalans from June 18th to 20th, 2014.

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