AGNES Stony Brook 2014

The next AGNES will take place at Stony Brook on April 25-27. There are funds to support participants, particularly junior participants. The registration deadline is March 15th (or thereabouts).
The list of confirmed and tentative speakers is as follows.

  • Ron Donagi (University of Pennsylvania): TBD
  • Eugene Gorsky (Columbia University): Refined Knot Invariants and Hilbert Schemes
  • Sandor Kovacs (University of Washington): TBD
  • James McKernan* (UC San Diego): TBD
  • Zsolt Patakfalvi (Princeton University): On Subadditivity of Kodaira Dimension in Positive Characteristic
  • Michael Thaddeus (Columbia University): TBD
  • Burt Totaro (Cambridge University and UCLA): The Chow Ring of a Finite Group
  • Cynthia Vinzant (University of Michigan): Symmetroids and Quartic Spectrahedra

*To be confirmed
There will also be a panel discussion on directing research projects for undergraduates led by Sam Payne (Yale), Jessica Sidman (Mount Holyoke) and Jenia Tevelev (UMass Amherst).
For more details and a registration please see the workshop webpage.
There are funds to support participants, but participants with significant travel costs are encouraged to explore partial support from their home institutions.

  • Samuel Grushevsky,
  • Radu Laza,
  • Robert Lazarsfeld,
  • Jason Starr

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