CA-AG in Columbia, SC

The University of South Carolina will host “Commutative Algebra — Algebraic Geometry in the Southeast” in Columbia, SC, November 8 –10, 2013. The conference will last from 3:30 on Friday, Novemebr 8, 2013 until noon on Sunday, November 10. There will be nine lectures, a poster session, and plenty of mathematical conversation. Graduate students and recent graduates are strongly urged to present a poster in the poster session.
Current speakers include:

  • Neil Epstein (George Mason University),
  • Angela Gibney (University of Georgia),
  • Robin Hartshorne (University of California — Berkeley),
  • Craig Huneke (University of Virginia),
  • Ezra Miller (Duke University),
  • Joseph Rabinoff (Georgia Institute of Technology)
  • Kirsten Wickelgren (Georgia Institute of Technology)

For more information, see the conference web page.

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