MEGA 2005, Sardinia

The Eighth International Symposium on Effective Methods in Algebraic Geometry (MEGA 2005), will be held May 27th — June 1st, 2005, in Porto Conte, Alghero, Sardinia (Italy). The Symposium focusses on “Computing in and with algebraic geometry: Theory, Algorithms, Implementations, Applications”.
Here is a rough schedule for the Symposium:
May 26, Thursday: Arrival and registration.
May 27, Friday: Registration (Morning) and Talks
May 28, Saturday: Talks
May 29, Sunday: Free
May 30, Monday: Talks
May 31, Tuesday: Talks
June 1, Wednesday: Talks
June 2, Thursday: Breakfast and departure
The programme consists of
Contributed Talks
Short Communications
Software Exhibitions
Invited Speakers:

  • E. Allman (University of Southern Maine, USA)
  • P. Fitzpatrick (University of Cork, Ireland)
  • H. Hauser (Institut für Mathematik, Innsbruck, Austria)
  • B. Poonen (University of California, USA)
  • T. Theobald (TUM, Germany and Yale University, USA)

For more information, see the MEGA 2005 web page.

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