Research library donation

A message from Marie Vitulli:

“I need to downsize and want to let go of my research library in commutative algebra and algebraic geometry. AIM is no longer accepting donations. Does anyone know of another place to donate as a tax-deductible contribution? I think this is a long shot so I am thinking of listing my collection for sale on Alibris. Does anyone know of another good place to sell trade books? I have a fairly extensive collection.”

If you have any suggestions, you can reply directly to Marie or you can contact us here.


Edwin O’Shea (1977-2023)

We are deeply saddened to share with the community the news of the passing of Edwin O’Shea. In the words of Graham Leuschke, Edwin was “a hilarious, kind, generous person”. A memorial fund is being established in his name, the Edwin O’Shea Memorial Scholarship for Undergraduate Mathematics Research, which will benefit students currently enrolled at James Madison University. You can donate to the scholarship fund here. To learn more about Edwin, his contributions to academia and his commitment to his students visit this website, or read his obituary here.

David Rush (1943-2023)

We are deeply saddened to share with the community the news of the passing of David Rush, Professor Emeritus of Mathematics at UC Riverside (UCR).

“We learned that Professor Emeritus Dave Rush passed away on February 13, 2023. He joined UCR in 1971 and retired in 2018 after almost 50 years. Dave Rush was a dedicated teacher and researcher. He organized the long-running Friday Algebra Seminar at UCR (from 1983 to 2018!). He authored 83 papers, many with his students and the VAPs who came to work with him. His work spans a wide variety of topics in Commutative Algebra, from flat modules to problems on bounding number of generators of ideals, from Bezout domains to study of associated primes of ideals, from lattice modules to Rees algebras. At least a third of his work was with Professor Emeritus Jack Ratliff. Together they made many advances in ideal theory for commutative rings. In fact, a closure operation on ideals was named in their honor, and nowadays the Ratliff-Rush closure of an ideal is an object of interest to many who work in commutative algebra. Prof. Rush supervised 13 Ph.D. students and worked with many visiting assistant professors at UCR, who benefited immensely from his kind nature, his mathematical wisdom, and his support. ” – C. Ciuperca, B. Engheta, I. Henriques, Y. Kim, K. Lin, P. Mantero, J. McCullough, K. Shah, J. Hong, J. Vassilev, and all Dr. Rush’s VAPs

Postdoc at Neuchâtel

A senior postdoc (MA) position for 4 years (renewable for 2 more years) is available at the University of Neuchatel. We also have an opening for a professorship in commutative algebra or algebraic geometry and the idea is that the new MA could collaborate with them in the future. Knowledge of French is required, because the position comes with light teaching duties. The deadline for applying is November 15. Please find the announcement here: