The workshop TENSORS will be held at the Politecnico di Torino from September the 10th to September the 14th 2018.

Tensors have an ubiquitous and crucial role in science. Recently, tensors have become an extremely fervent area of interaction between different scientific fields where mathematics meets with applications in new and unexpected ways. This workshop will explore how tensors can build bridges among algebraic, geometrical, computational, and numerical aspects of mathematics.

For more details and info see the workshop web page.

Participation to this event is encouraged especially among young researchers.

There is limited financial support available to early career researchers. If you are interested in financial support please send an email to enrico.carlini@polito.it before June the 15th.

To be considered for a contributed talk please send an email to enrico.carlini@polito.it before June the 30th.

There is no subscription fee, but we kindly ask anyone interested in attending to register by sending an email to enrico.carlini@polito.it before July the 15th.

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