Discrete Invariants, Mangalia Romania

The Institute of Mathematics of the Romanian Academy in Bucharest and the University of Bucharest, with the support of Ovidius University in Constanta and the Romanian Mathematical Society-Constanta branch are organizing
the 20th Romanian National Algebra School in Mangalia, Romania between September 2-8, 2012.

The theme is “Discrete Invariants in Commutative Algebra and in Algebraic Geometry”.

The scientific committee :

  • Winfried Bruns, Osnabrueck
  • Dorin Popescu, Bucharest
  • Peter Schenzel, Halle

Confirmed speakers so far:

  • Daniel Brinkmann (Osnabrueck University, Germany )
  • Winfried Bruns (Osnabrueck University, Germany )
  • Hara Charalambous (Thessaloniki University, Greece )
  • Muhammad Ishaq (National University of Science and Technology, Islamabad, Pakistan )
  • Martina Kubitzke (Goethe Universitaet, Frankfurt am Main, Germany )
  • Julio Jose Moyano-Fernandez (Osnabrueck University, Germany )
  • Ryota Okazaki (Osaka University, Japan )
  • Asia Rauf (ICTP, Trieste, Italy )
  • Raman Sanyal (Freie Universitaet, Berlin, Germany )
  • Peter Schenzel (Martin-Luther-Universitaet Halle-Wittenberg, Germany )
  • Apostolos Thoma (Ioannina University, Greece )

Organizers: Mircea Cimpoeas, Viviana Ene, Bogdan Ichim, Dorin Popescu, Dumitru Stamate

More details are available at the web page of the school.

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