Minnowbrook Main Speakers

The main lectures at Minnowbrook will be given by Luchezar Avramov, Ragnar-Olaf Buchweitz, and Paul Roberts.

photo of Avramov

Luchezar Avramov

is the Dale M. Jensen Professor of Mathematics at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. His research has brought techniques from diverse fields such as rational homotopy theory and group cohomology to bear on problems in commutative algebra. His research interests include module theory over complete intersection rings and the structural properties of local homomorphisms.
photo of Avramov

Ragnar-Olaf Buchweitz

is Professor of Mathematics and Dean at the University of Toronto. He has worked in a wide variety of fields, including singularity theory, deformation theory, characteristic p methods, cohomological varieties, and representation theory of Artin algebras. He has also made marked contributions to our understanding of Hochschild and Tate cohomology theories and maximal Cohen-Macaulay modules.
photo of Avramov

Paul Roberts

is Professor of Mathematics at the University of Utah. He specializes in the interaction between algebra and geometry, particularly intersection theory. Roberts has developed techniques based on the Riemann-Roch theorem of Baum, Fulton, and MacPherson in order to settle fundamental questions in commutative algebra, including the New Intersection Conjecture, which solved Bass' Question and Auslander's Zerodivisor Conjecture, among others.