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These are photos taken at the home of Roger and Sylvia Wiegand, at a party they had during the Commutative Algebra Days conference in Lincoln, March 14-15, 2002. See here for some photos of lectures given at the conference.

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Jim Lewis, Craig Huneke, and Ragnar-Olaf Buchweitz

Bahman Engheta, Judy Walker, and Steve Haataja

Ryan Karr, Dan Katz, Adela Vraciu, and Dave Jorgensen

Ragnar-Olaf Buchweitz, Karl Kattchee, Trish Nelson, and Roger Wiegand

Sean Sather-Wagstaff and Lucho Avramov

Craig Huneke, Dave Jorgensen, Tom Marley, and Susan Hermiller

Meral Arnavut

Meral Arnavut, Sean Sather-Wagstaff, and Laura Ghezzi

Sylvia Wiegand

Christel Rotthaus

Several people enjoy the puzzles

Ragnar-Olaf Buchweitz, Srikanth Iyengar, J.Iyengar, and Claudia Miller

Claudia Miller and Lucho Avramov

Judy Walker, Roger Wiegand, and Mark Walker

Janet Striuli finally figured out that puzzle.