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These are photos taken at the Sectional Meeting of the American Math Society, March 2002, in Ann Arbor, Michigan. They were all taken at a party at the home of Karen E. Smith (U. Michigan). It was a marvelous conference and a great party - hope you enjoy the pictures.

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Anurag Singh, Karen Smith, and Ian Aberbach

Florian Enescu, Jean Chan, Anurag Singh, and Karen Smith

Claudia Miller, Darren Tapp, Uli Walther, and Eero Hyry

Alberto Corso and Karl Kattchee

Christine Cumming, Alberto Corso, and Karl Kattchee

Florian Enescu and Adela Vraciu

Chris Peterson, Ana Bravo, and Manuel Blickle

Graham Leuschke and Haggai Elitzur

Neil Epstein, Frank Sottile, Ana Bravo, Maria Contessa and Yongwei Yao

Karl Kattchee and Neil Epstein

Karl Kattchee and Moira McDermott

Lucho Avramov, Uli Walther, and Manuel Blickle