Michigan Representation Stability Week 2018

The University of Michigan will host “Michigan Representation Stability Week 2018”, August 13-17 2018.

The first three days are a workshop targeted to graduate students and post-docs who are not in the area, but would like an introduction to it. There will be three mini-series (by Jan Draisma, Andrew Putman, and Jennifer Wilson) that exposit some aspect of the field in detail, and three standalone talks covering additional topics. In the evenings, there will be problem sessions (with food!). The final two days are a conference with research talks. All participants are encouraged to come for the entire week.

Workshop speakers

  • Miniseries:
    • Jan Draisma (Bern)
    • Andrew Putman (Notre Dame)
    • Jennifer Wilson (Stanford)
  • Standalone talks:
    • Sema Güntürkün (Michigan)
    • John Wiltshire–Gordon (Wisconsin)
    • TBD

Conference speakers

  • Inna Aizenbud (Ben Gurion University)
  • Thomas Church (Stanford)
  • Rob Eggermont (Eindhoven)
  • Nate Harman (Chicago)
  • Rohit Nagpal (Chicago)
  • Philip Tosteson (Michigan)
  • Peter Patzt (Purdue)
  • Jesse Wolfson (UC Irvine)

For more information, including registration, see the web page for Michigan Representation Stability Week.

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