CA+, Minnesota

CA+ is a mini-conference hosted jointly by Minnesota and Wisconsin. We highlight work in commutative algebra and related fields like algebraic geometry, number theory, combinatorics, and more. We have colloquium-style talks targeted at a broad audience of people interested in algebra.

This year’s meeting is September 22-23 at University of Minnesota. We will have 6 talks, starting on the afternoon of Friday, Sept 22 and going through Saturday, Sept 23. We also have targeted small group conversations related to research and/or professional development. This year’s speakers are Lauren Williams (Berkeley), Emily Witt (Kansas), Jay Yang (Wisconsin), Alexander Yong (UIUC), and two more to be confirmed.

See our webpage:

where you’ll find the schedule and information about registration.

In past years we’ve had NSF funding, and if this continues, we plan to fund a number graduate students and postdocs. So if you’re interested in attending please fill out the registration ASAP!

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