Mathematical Congress of the Americas 2017

The 2017 Mathematical Congress of the Americas, held July 24-28 in Montreal, Canada, will have several sessions of interest to commutative algebraists:

    • Advances in Arrangement Theory, organized by Jeremiah Bartz, Christin Bibby, and Max Wakefield
    • Applied and Computational Algebra and Geometry, organized by Carina Curto, Alicia Dickenstein, and Luis David Garcia Puente
    • Combinatorial Commutative Algebra, organized by Sara Faridi, Susan Morey, and Rafael Villarreal
    • Recent Trends in Algebraic Cycles, Algebraic K-Theory and Motives, organized by Guillermo Cortiñas, E. Javier Elizondo, James Lewis, Paulo Lima-Filho, and Chuck Weibel
    • Representation Theory of Algebras, organized by Ibrahim Assem, Raymundo Bautista, Flavio Ulhoa Coelho, Ralf Schiffler, and Sonia Trepode

And possibly others we’ve missed! See the scientific program for the meeting for a full listing of sessions.

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