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The 2017 Joint Math Meetings will be held January 4-7 (Wed-Sat) in Atlanta, GA ( Here are some special sessions that might be of interests.

Commutative Algebra: Research for Undergraduate and Early Graduate Students

This session meets Friday 1/6 1:00-5:50 and will include a few 45-minute lectures from senior researchers with experience working with young commutative algebraists as well as 20-minute talks from undergraduates and early graduate students. The focus of this session is serious but student-friendly commutative algebra research, and should be accessible to anyone having had a first course in ring theory. The aim is to promote future commutative algebra research with undergraduates and early graduate students by highlighting new results and interesting, tractable open problems.

Session Webpage

Organizers: Nick Baeth and Courtney Gibbons.

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