KUMUNU 2016 will be hosted by the University of Kansas on October 1-2, organized by Hailong Dao, Daniel Hernández, Daniel Katz, and Emily Witt.

KUMUNU has been an annual conference for commutative algebraists in the Great Plains region since 1999. It has evolved into a conference involving not only commutative algebra but many different fields where commutative algebra has found applications and inspirations.

This year’s speakers are

  • Ian Aberbach, University of Missouri
  • Tom Marley, University of Nebraska
  • Jonathan Montano, University of Kansas
  • Claudia Polini, University of Notre Dame
  • Steven Sam, University of Wisconsin
  • Karl Schwede, University of Utah

The organizers ask that participants register by August 29 since they need to reserve rooms. For more information, see the KUMUNU 2016 web page.

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