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current news: PhD grants, Genova and Osnabrück April 19th, 2016 (no responses)

Aldo Conca writes:

The department of Mathematics of the University of Genova is offering 7 three-year PhD grants for positions starting from November 1, 2016. The topics include:

1) Algebraic Geometry (Claudio Bartocci, Mauro Beltrametti, Matteo Penegini).

2) Algebraic number theory (Stefano Vigni)

3) Commutative Algebra (Aldo Conca, Emanuela De Negri, Maria Evelina Rossi, Matteo Varbaro)

Application deadline: June 10, 2016.

Please forward this to any potential applicant.

For further information and application procedure, see:

or contact

Prof. Pinamonti (pinamont@dima.unige.it)
Prof. Vigni (vigni@dima.unige.it)
Anna Siri (siri@dima.unige.it).

Meanwhile, Tim Römer writes:

The DFG Research Training Group “Combinatorial Structures in Geometry” at the University of Osnabrück offers 7 positions for PhD students and 1 postdoctoral position starting from October 1st, 2016 especially in the areas commutative algebra, combinatorial optimization, harmonic analysis, homotopy theory, K-theory, and stochastic geometry.

For further details see: http://www.uni-osnabrueck.de/universitaet/arbeiten_an_der_universitaet/stellenausschreibung/59_fb_6_positions_for_phd_postdoctoral_position.html

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